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About Beauty - Beauty & Skincare eshop


Who we are;

Beauty Princess started its journey in September 2020, from Athens. Long-term experience in the field of beauty, cosmetics, digital Marketing, makeup and jewelry making were our strongest motivations to create this online store, which is addressed to all those who love beauty, grooming and fashion.


We know that ..

At Beauty Princess we know very well that beauty is the set of all those unique characteristics that are gathered in a person so that their diversity and uniqueness make him special. So we choose our products with great care so that they can meet the needs of each person individually, based on their own individual needs.
We are looking for new brands of cosmetics and accessories every day so that we can provide you first of all, all the new products related to skin care, cosmetics and fashion so that you can get them quickly and easily either electronically or physically. store located in Athens.

Ease of transactions

We provide the possibility of payment in cash, by card and bank deposit. While we carry out missions throughout Greece even in the most remote areas of the country because in beauty and style there are no limits and restrictions.

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