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Filia Care Cosmetics

Filia Care Cosmetics

Filia Care Cosmetics 

The name FILIA is inspired by the special relationship of trust and friendship that is built between the pharmacist and the customers of the pharmacy on issues of health, aesthetics and proper skin care as well as the skin-friendly raw materials with the highest concentrations of most innovative and technologically advanced active ingredients.

A complete line of intensive care products for ageless skin based on a unique combination of ingredients such as plant extracts, polysaccharides and innovative biotechnology ingredients such as anti-aging and firming peptides.

Our main concern is that FILIA products offer immediate effectiveness, velvety texture, rich hydration, renewal, nourishment and repair. Above all, however, a radiant and relaxing skin that every woman is entitled to.

At FILIA we believe that "the beauty and health of the skin are valuable", without costing expensive. That is why we have created high quality products at very affordable prices for everyone.

Filia, natural and friendly from your Pharmacist! The Peptide Skin-Perfecting Beauty Cosmetics line consists of the products:

Moisturizing Revitalizing Face gel-cream, moisturizing face cream that gives shine and deep hydration, preventing the first wrinkles. Contains hyaluronic acid, panthenol, snail and prickly pear extract, jojoba oil, urea, aloe, vitamin..

Peptide Skin-Perfecting Face cream, rich cream that offers reconstruction, nourishment, firming and strong moisturizing and anti-wrinkle action. Contains firming peptides, natural polysaccharides, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, sausageΐ. thistle and snail, urea, jojoba and apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter.

Peptide Skin-Perfecting Eye cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream against dark circles and bags and deep hydration of the area around the eyes.

Contains anti-aging peptides, natural polysaccharides, allantoin, rosehip oil, escin, urea, cocoa butter.

Peptide Skin-Perfecting Serum, serum for immediate firming that lasts for at least 4 hours, hydration, radiance and regeneration that lasts. Contains firming peptides, natural polysaccharides, snail extract, hyaluronic acid, panthenol.

Filia Bakuchiol + Royal Jelly Alteranative cream, 50mlBakuchiol + Royal Jelly Alternative cream by Filia Care Cosmetics offers rich and effective skin care that needs volume and toning.Complete care with Bakuchiol, the first natural alternative to retinol (vitamin A) without its side effects. Bakuch..
Filia Bakuchiol Elixir Face Oil, 50ml - Face oilGive your skin the treatment it deserves with Filia BAKUCHIOL ELIXIR FACE OIL. This is an innovative Face Oil that combines the power of the Bakuchiol miracle with the beneficial properties of precious oils, vitamin E and its natural alternative to sil..
Filia Cellution Gel, Anti-cellulite gel, 200mlFilia Cellution Slimming Gel with 4% Nocturshape ™ is an innovative anti-cellulite product with strong fat-dissolving action. It also contains 1% caffeine, lecithin, plant extracts such as ivy, cinnamon essential oil, escin, carnitine and nicotinamide.It..
Filia Hydro Booster Serum- Vitamin C Illuminating Skincare, 30mlHydro Booster Serum with 3% vitamin C by Filia offers natural care and radiance to all skin types. Neutralizes the harmful effects of the environment (pollutants, sunlight ..).Reduces the intensity of spots and freckles.Offers deep hydr..
Filia Peptide Skin Perfecting Eye CreamRich, nourishing cream specially designed to care for thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. The harmonious design of powerful antioxidants and plant extracts with excellent anti-wrinkle action of active peptides and polysaccharides, smoothes sensitive skin a..
Filia Peptide Skin Perfecting Face CreamComplete care for demanding skin that needs new volume and vitality. Extremely effective cream with thistle extract, high performance peptides, microalgae extract and hyaluronic acid. The skin is rejuvenated from the inside, the appearance of fine lines of wri..
Filia Peptide Skin Perfecting Face SerumA wonderful  face serum with a unique active complex for effective care of demanding skin. The combination of valuable active ingredients makes this serum so effective. Its refreshing moisture "inflates" the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and ..
Filia Rosehip Oil + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Face & Eye Gel, 50ml"Thirst" your skin with the new ROSEHIP OIL + HYALURONIC ACID Brightening Face & Eye Gel by Filia. This is an innovative moisturizing face and eye cream (2 in 1) in gel form, enriched with wild rose oil, hyaluronic acid, pri..
Filia Sun Protection Body Oil Shimmering 150ml, Sunscreen body oil with protection SPF30Do you want a golden tan and shine, without the danger of the sun and at the same time deep hydration and anti-aging action with the power of Bakuchiol and coenzyme Q10? SUN PROTECTION BODY OIL- SHIMMERING- FILIA..
Filia Sun Screen SPF 30 Face CreamSunscreen face cream with anti-wrinkle / regenerative action with a light cool texture to balance oiliness. Unique matte result that does not weigh down the skin and action that effectively protects against UVA & UVB radiation. A unique, innovative combination o..
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