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Galiniko's philosophy stems directly from the need for continuous scientific research and exploration.

This is what makes its products offer an overall and targeted result that dramatically improves the skin in contrast to other - just promising - cosmetic products on the market.

After all, Galiniko products are not just cosmetic products, but the evolution of galenic preparations, ie products created in a targeted way, with studied ingredients that have been proven to work effectively on the symptoms we want to eliminate and in combination with each other their effective synergistic action has been studied and confirmed. .

In this continuous research, Galiniko owes the achievement of its innovative composition, based on growth factors (growth factors) which act directly in favor of improvement, but also in favor of skin protection.

Only in this way, after all, could he create this innovative formula that, based on the parallel and synergistic action of specific and studied substances, makes Galiniko products unique and so effective! For this reason, the continuous study and development, could only be a one-way street, especially in an era of many demands where the perfect appearance becomes more and more coveted!

So in this field of search and research, Galiniko does not stop investing as the creation of products active on multiple levels at the same time, is a constant challenge for the constant study of new substances, new combinations, always adapted to the modern lifestyle and high demands of his wife today.

Galiniko Christalline Retinol, 30mlThe 3-component retinol serum works effectively on the skin, helping to improve fine lines and wrinkles, creating a uniform skin tone, while helping to reduce the size of the pores. In addition, it helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, giving a fi..
33.00€ 23.00€
Galiniko Eye Contour Serum, 15mlGaliniko Eye Contour Serum is suitable for women with normal, dry or combination skin, who want to maintain its elasticity, youthfulness and radiance.Specially designed by dermatologists, Galiniko Eye Contour Serum breaks away from the usual standards of cosmetic prod..
33.00€ 23.00€
Galiniko Facial cleansing Gel Purance Acne-Oily skin, 250mlNon-greasy facial cleansing gel, with AcnacidolTM, glycolic acid, lactic acid, aloe vera, nettle leaf extract and chlorhexidine.With emollient actionSkin pH adjustmentDeep hydrationSebum regulatorAntimicrobialSoothingMakeup removalFor combin..
16.25€ 11.52€
Galiniko HFC 7% Hyaluronic Acid, with aloe vera and argirelin, 30mlAn explosion of hydration and anti-aging with technology "inspired" by dermatological injectable products. Galiniko 7% HFC Hyaluronic Acid Serum, with 7 main ingredients, provides firming and instant lifting effect on the skin, helps..
37.00€ 23.00€
Galiniko Hyaluronic Serum 2.5%,  30mlGaliniko 2.5% hyaluronic acid serum with panthenol and niacinamide provides rich hydration, soothing, radiance while improving skin texture and signs of skin aging. In addition it helps to shrink the pores of the skin.Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration ..
31.00€ 19.80€
Galiniko Hydrassist Day Cream with retinol, aloe vera and collagen, 50mlHydrassist morning cream provides rich and deep hydration to damaged or very dry skin. Reduces and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the very powerful anti-wrinkle substances it contains, soothes irritated skin and nour..
33.00€ 23.00€
Galiniko Moisturizing Toner, 250mlGaliniko Toner is not a simple toner, both because of the active ingredients it contains and their concentrations. It is an essential product of daily facial care before using the moisturizer! Very close to the Korean Essence Concept, it contains high concentrations..
22.00€ 13.05€
Galiniko Purance facial cleansing gel Normal - Sensitive skin, 250mlNon-greasy facial cleansing gel, with aloe vera and lactic acid. Effective removal of fat and dead cells from the skinWith emollient actionSkin pH adjustmentDeep hydrationSoothingMakeup removalFor normal, dry and sensitive skin.• Cr..
13.75€ 11.50€
Galiniko Repair Cream EssentialsRegenerating cream EssentialsGaliniko Essentials Regenerating Cream, with 5 main ingredients, is ideal for treating irritated skin as well as sunburn. It strengthens the skin regeneration mechanism, provides deep and rich hydration, while soothing irritations. It can ..
Galiniko Shine Cream - Night, 30mlRadiant night cream by Galiniko restores the lost radiance and freshness on your face thanks to the powerful 15 ingredients it contains, among others, such as vitamin C, resveratrol and glycolic acid. Reduces the depth of wrinkles thanks to the Botox peptide and ret..
36.50€ 23.00€
Galiniko Soothing moisturizer, 50mlSoothing creamGaliniko morning cream offers rich hydration, strengthens the skin's regeneration mechanism, soothes irritations, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and enhances collagen production.Texture: Non-greasy texture that provides hydration, soothing and anti-..
30.00€ 19.08€
Galiniko Soothing shampoo for dandruff-dry skin, 250mlShampoo that helps reduce dandruff, oiliness and dry skin on the scalp, with 14 main ingredients.Actions:CleaningSoothingMoisturizingKeratolyticsSebum regulatorSuitable for all hair types.Texture: Non-greasy thin gel that reduces the oiliness of ..
20.90€ 15.03€
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