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Galiniko Ultra-concentrated serum Vitamin C 30%, 15ml

Galiniko Ultra-concentrated serum Vitamin C 30%, 15ml

Galiniko Ultra-concentrated serum Vitamin C 30%, 15ml

The most active serum of vitamin C that exists in the field of dermatological cosmetics, provides a very strong whitening effect with excellent results in freckles, spots and discolorations of the skin and in the smoothing of skin tone. Dramatically fights fine lines and effectively combats free radicals and photoaging.

The novelty of this serum is in the content of vitamin C which is much higher than the usual in corresponding vitamin C products, reaching the percentage of 30%. Vitamin C is the most effective anti-aging and skin whitening treatment without containing water and preservatives. In addition, it provides rich antioxidant action on the skin and thus fights all the signs of daily fatigue and the unhealthy residues of the atmosphere on the skin. With a thin texture that is immediately absorbed, it is the ideal product for daily skin care.

Texture: Non-greasy texture that is absorbed directly by the skin

Age: 40 +

Perfume: Unscented

Active Ingredient: Vitamin C content 30%

Caution: Like all Vitamin C cosmetics, Galiniko Vitamin C 30% Concentrated Serum should only be applied in the evening. In case you want to use the product during the day, it should always precede your sunscreen!

Vitamin C: It is literally the most essential ingredient in the care of every skin. It is not just about the repair but the health of the skin itself, since it is a very powerful antioxidant and at the same time has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It treats the damage that is inevitably caused to the skin by sunlight, contributes to cell renewal and increases the production of elastin and collagen. Finally, it prevents and repairs fine lines and wrinkles.

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