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Charm - Gold eye with eyelashesAn extremely special charm from Plexiglass in the shape of an eye with intense lashes. It decorates your space and brings good luck. It is an ideal gift idea. Comes with a gift box.Seated decorative element in the shape of an eye with a mirror.Dimensions 10.5 X 8.2 cm..
Charm Wooden Pomegranate eye with mirrorFrom ancient times the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, good luck, abundance, happiness, health and many other good things. While the wood symbolizes birth and every new beginning. The charms are usually given to our loved ones, on the days of Christmas and N..
Scented Natural Candle – Forest greenOur Scented Natural Candles are handmade soy candles in real coconut shells. They are 100% vegan without palm oil and paraffin. They come in a beautiful gift box made of kraft paper and have a wooden wick. The burn time is at least 25 hours. Each part is uni..
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