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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

As a company, we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of your personal information. This privacy notice explains how your data is collected, used, transferred and disclosed by our company. This applies to all your data collected when you use our websites, iOS and Android apps, when you interact with us via social media, email or by phone or when participating in contests or events:

In this privacy notice we cover the following:

  • The personal data we collect
  • How we collect your data
  • How we use your data
  • Marketing, ads and cookies
  • Links to other websites but also to third parties
  • How we share your data
  • Your rights
  • Changes to this privacy notice

How to contact us

 Vasiliki Lykoura, 17 Polifimou, Zografou, Athens, is a retail company in the field of personal care, cosmetics and jewelry-accessories aimed at consumers in Greece.

 The company Vasiliki Lykoura, 17 Polifimou, Zografou, Athens (hereinafter referred to as or as "we", "us" and "us" in this Privacy Notice) is responsible for your personal data that are collected through the website Details of the privacy officer responsible for answering any questions you may have about this Privacy Notice and all of our information are listed in the "How to Contact Us" section at the end of this notice.


Details of the privacy officer responsible for answering any questions you may have about this Privacy Notice and all of our information are listed in the "How to Contact Us" section at the end of this notice.

Our commitment to you

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and will process your personal data fairly, legally and transparently. This privacy notice describes the personal information we collect about you and how we use it.

We will collect and use your personal data only for the following purposes:

To be able to fulfill your order

Let us inform you about the latest offers and trends

To give you a better experience when you implement your purchases through eshop

Help us make marketing more interesting for you and your interests

To improve our services

To be able to be consistent in our legal responsibilities

How do we keep your data safe?

We have the appropriate organizational safeguards and security measures to protect your data from accidental loss, use or unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure.

The communication between the browser (Browser) and our website uses a secure and encrypted connection (https) wherever your personal data is involved. We encrypt your data and store it on secure servers. We require any third party who has made a commitment to process your personal data on our behalf, to take security measures certified in accordance with ISO 27001: 2013 for Information Security Management to protect your data and to processing of such data in accordance with the law.

In the event of a breach of personal data, we will notify you and anyone else required if we are legally required to do so.

The personal data we collect

Personal data is any information about a person from which that person can be identified and located. It does not contain the data from which the identification and anonymization data have been removed.

Although our site is designed for the general public, we will not knowingly collect data from children under the age of 13 or sell products to children. If you are under the age of 13, your data may not be used or submitted to our site.

The following sets of personal data are collected:

Identification information: Includes information such as: name, surname.

Contact details: include information such as: email address, billing address, delivery address, T.K, location, country, phone number.

Financial information: Includes information such as payment card and bank account information.

Transaction data: Includes information such as: details of your purchases and fulfillment of your orders (such as cart number, order number, order subsets, title, currency, discounts, shipping, product code, etc.), payments to and from you and details about other products and services you have acquired from us, mail or contact you about your orders.

Technical data: Includes information such as: details about the device you use to access our services, your IP address, login details, username and password, type and version of the browser you are using, setting the time zone and location as well as the operating system and platform.

Profile data: Includes information such as: purchases or orders you made, the style of the products you are interested in, your preferences, your answers to possible inquiries.

Usage data: includes information such as: how and when you use our site and / or application, how you navigated through it, what you searched for, site performance statistics, location you accessed, blogs as well as other contact details, and finally information about any other Company products and services that you have used.

Marketing and communication: This data includes information such as: your product preferences and how you want marketing to be from us to you as well as from our other partners in terms of how to communicate with them.

We also collect, use and may share data such as statistics or demographics for any purpose. This aggregate data may be derived from your personal data but we do not count it as personal data, as this data will not directly or indirectly reveal your identity (anonymization). For example, we can collect our website usage data to calculate the percentage of users who have access to a particular feature of the site. However, if we combine or link this data to your personal data so that they can directly or indirectly identify the data subject, we consider the combined data to be personal data and will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

How do we collect your data?

 We may collect your personal data in the following ways:

 Directly from you - you can provide us with your identity, contact, financial, transaction, profile, marketing and contact details (as described above) by entering information online or contacting us by mail, telephone, email, or by any other way. You provide us with personal data, for example, when:

Create an account or purchase products on our site.

Subscribe to our newsletter, forums, social media sites or create wish lists

Take part in a contest.

Participate in voluntary market research.

Contact us with a question or to report a problem (by phone, email, social media) Automated technologies or interactions - that is, as you interact with our site, we can automatically collect the following types of data (as described above): Technical data about your equipment, data from the way of Using our site from your browsing actions, Contact details, from actions through our website remain incomplete, such as incomplete orders or abandoned baskets. We collect this data using cookies, logs and other similar technologies. See Cookie Policy for more details.

Third parties - we may receive personal information about you from various third parties, such as:

 Technical data from third parties, including analytics providers such as Google analytics. See more information in the section entitled

"Marketing, ads and cookies".

Contact details, financial data and transactions from technical support service providers, payment and product delivery companies.

How we use your data


The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the following:

We will only collect and process your personal data where we have a legal basis to do so. As a data controller, the legal basis for the collection and use of your personal data varies depending on the manner and purpose for which we collected it.

We will only collect personal data from you when:

we have your consent to do so, or

we need your personal information to execute a contract with you. For example, to confirm a payment from you, execute your order, or provide you with support related to an order, or

processing is in our legitimate interests and your rights are not violated, or

we have a legal obligation to collect or disclose your personal data.

How the company uses your personal data

Your personal information is used by the company to support a range of different activities. These are listed in the table below along with the types of data used and the legal bases on which we base our processing, including, where appropriate, our legitimate interests. Please note that we may process your personal data using more than one legal basis, depending on the specific activity. Contact us if you need details about the specific legal background on which we rely to process your personal data, where they have been mentioned in more than one place in the table below.

Purpose / Activity

Data type

Legal basis for processing, including legal interest

To create an account and sign up as a new customer (either directly or through social media).

Execution of a contract with you

In order to process and deliver your order, we want: to record the details of your order, to inform you about the status of the order, payment and return procedures, to collect the money owed to us. and help prevent and detect fraud.

Necessary for our legitimate interests (eg for claiming debts owed to us)

To manage the relationship with you, which includes the following: providing any information from us, such as the products and services you request, for information on any changes to our services, terms and conditions or privacy notice. asking you to review us or participate in a survey.

Profil Data

Marketing and Communication

Execution of a contract with you

Necessary for our legitimate interests (to update our records and study how customers use our products and services)

To be able to take part in a competition, event, research or receive a bonus for your purchases from us.

Usage Data

We use cookies and other related technologies to improve your navigation experience and the operation of our eshop. Privacy policy