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Sanko Scent Nebulizer Hotel Mod

Sanko Scent Nebulizer Hotel Mod

    Sanko Scent Nebulizer Hotel Mod

    Cosmos is the most modern space aroma device that turns Aromatic Oil into Nebula through Atmospheric Nebulization!
    The Nebulizer Cosmos device will accompany you in your daily life and will transform the environment around you into a space of Creation, Concentration and Harmony.

    Hotel Mod - The ultimate smell of cleanliness!

    Whether for leisure or a business trip, staying in a luxury hotel is always a beautiful and refreshing experience! The fragrance of Hotel Mod is modern, cool and relaxing.
    The freshness of the citrus in the top notes combined with the wild sweetness of the cotton flower in the middle, embrace our senses like a white freshly washed towel.
    Hotel Mod is the closest thing there is to a hotel cleaning scent while the scent is often likened to "the ultimate laundry smell".

    The notes:

    Top: tangy lemon, mandarin orange, mountain air breeze
    Middle: cotton blossoms, sheer violet, dewy cyclamen
    Background: rain kissed lilies, Yara Yara, Indonesian sandalwood

    The device consists of an air compression head (turbo mixer) which uses the atmospheric air as a unique medium, turning the aromatic oil into a Nebula! The result; The fragrance diffuses into the atmosphere evenly, with its notes rendered in their natural form WITHOUT the use of water, heat or propellant gas (aerosol).

    The Nebulizer is used with the atmospheric fragrances of Sanko Brand Scent Artists ("Scent") specially designed for the immediate inactivation of unwanted odors and for the sophisticated perfuming of your space, which you can see in detail in the Scent Collection category and choose the one that suits you on The Nebulizer page.

    The Nebulizer can cover any space from 10 m2 to 80 m2.
    See the instructions for use and more about the coverage, spray time and consumption of the perfume in the photos and in the YouTube video.
    Ideal for home, office, shop, waiting and reception areas, and for any space that needs a unique aroma in the atmosphere!

    The Nebulizer package contains:
    1 The Nebulizer device
    1 Hotel ModScent 10 ml
    1 USB Type C cable
    1 EU socket

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