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Sanko Scent Wax Melt Wonderland 75gr

Sanko Scent Wax Melt Wonderland 75gr

Sanko Scent Wax Melt Wonderland 75gr - Candle for Wax Melt Diffuser with Melomakarono scent

Smell the Holidays!! Melomakarono!!

New fragrance Wonderland Melomakarono that promises to transform your space into the magical Wonderland! Cloves, cinnamon, ginger for matchsticks, nuts and orange are some of the notes of the fragrance that will fill the atmosphere with a wonderful smell of "What are you baking??"

The notes:
Top: cinnamon, clove, ginger, nuts
Middle: milk, cream
Background: vanilla, biscuit, caramel, lemon, orange

Do you have a Wax Melt container? Our scented melt candles are also available on their own!
What are Wax Melts? Wax Melts are a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorites
aromas in your space while at the same time creating a wonderful atmosphere of well-being. It belongs to the category of candles, but they differ in their use and function. The base of our Wax Melt consists of the special Colza wax, a 100% hard rapeseed vegetable wax that has the right characteristics to diffuse the aroma in the room in its best form. Wax Melt does not have a wick, nor is it in a container like candles.

Its use is simple: Light an odorless 4-hour reso in the lower base of the container, put the amount of Wax Melt you want in the upper base (UP TO 1 CUBE) and... get ready for a unique aromatic experience! The piece of Wax Melt will begin to melt through the heat generated by the wick. When the Wax Melt liquefies, the scent will begin to diffuse into the room.


About the candle base:

It is a wax sourced from European cultivated rapeseed crops in the UK, France and Germany and manufactured in Europe. The European response to US imported soy wax. It does not contain pesticides and mutagenic substances. (NON-GMO certification).Α

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