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Aurora Natural Products Body Positivity Smoothing Body Milk, 100mlIt is a body lotion in liquid form which consists of a combination of four types of hyaluronic acid with different properties.This active ingredient creates a three-dimensional network and targets the different layers of the skin wher..
Aurora Natural Products CHOCOLATE MOUSSE BODY BUTTER, 200MLEveryone needs chocolate, including your body! The rich butter chocolate chocolate mousse contains shea butter, pure virgin olive oil, aloe juice and beeswax, which are cared for and offer unique hydration and softness. The chocolate aroma w..
Aurora Natural Products MARSHMALLOW BODY BUTTER, 200MLVelvet body cream with the most delicious fragrance you have ever tasted. Gives a sugary glow and sweet softness. Shea butter, virgin olive oil, aloe juice, and chamomile extract treat your skin and offer unique hydration and softness.ComponentsA..
Fluff "Apple Pie" Body Mask 150ml A night mask for the body with an apple pie aroma. Deeply moisturizes the skin while you sleep. Contains moonstone extract, passion flower oil and floral complex including rose, peony, jasmine, lavender, cherry blossom and orange blossom.Fluff ”Apple Pie” Body ..
Fluff Aqua Lotion Moisturizing Body Lotion 300mlFluff Aqua Body Lotion is a moisturizing body lotion with a fresh scent ideal for summer. On hot summer days, it brings relief and hydration to thirsty skin. Thanks to the combination of coconut oil, niacinamide, trehalose, glycerin and hyaluronic acid..
Fluff Body Care Set Cozy Evening Limited Edition - Cozy Evening Body Care SetFluff Body Care Set “Cozy Evening” Limited Edition Contains:1. BODY BALM orange and cinnamon scent 150ml2. PILLOW MIST orange and cinnamon scent 100ml Fluff Body Care Set “Cozy Evening” is a Limited Edition set wi..
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Fluff Body Care Set Festive Relax Limited Edition - Festive Relax Facial Care SetFluff Body Care Set “Festive Relax” Limited Edition Contains:1.SHOWER GEL cranberry & honey scent 150ml2. BODY BALM cranberry & honey aroma 150mlFluff Body Care Set “Festive Relax” is a Limited Edition set ..
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Fluff Body Sorbet Frosted Blueberries, 150mlFluff Body Sorbet Frosted Blueberries is a moisturizing product in a raspberry-scented sorbet-like cream. It is a unique combination of light texture and intense hydration. Soothes dry skin, especially after sunbathing. Thanks to the raspberry extract it c..
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